Positive Power

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In 1987, a grey filly is orphaned. She is feisty, though, and thrives in spite of a shaky beginning. Her name is Two T Whiskey Royal. When the orphan is two, someone starts riding her. She bucks – a lot! Enter Doug Milholland. He likes her, deals with the bucking problem and becomes co-owner. He puts her on a training program and starts making payments into the 1990 NRHA Futurity. He changes her name to Silver Anniversary – because that year is the 25th anniversary of the NRHA Futurity.

In late November, in Oklahoma City, Silver Anniversary runs the first two go-arounds of the futurity with Doug Milholland in the saddle. They do not qualify for the finals. They are, however, within one point of the qualifying total and eligible for the consolation round. If Silver Anniversary can win the consolation, she can compete with the other finalists for the championship. She wins the consolation round.

In the meantime, Doug competes in the Freestyle Reining on another horse. What music does he choose? He selects Run ForThe Roses, the song that will be playing when the Futurity Champion enters the arena for award presentations on the final night of the show. He wins the Freestyle.

As winner of the consolation round, Silver Anniversary must compete first in the finals (a distinct disadvantage) and she has already run one more reining pattern than the rest, but the pretty little grey mare delivers and scores a sweet 219. Many years, that score, though good, would not hold up for the championship, but as horse after horse finishes pattern number 5, no one tops 219. Silver Anniversary wins the Silver Anniversary running of the NRHA Futurity!

Follow along with me:
1. Doug changes the name of his futurity mare to Silver Anniversary because the year she will be competing in the NRHA Futurity is the 25th anniversary of the show.
2. Doug rides his Freestyle at the same show to Run For the Roses, the music that will be played for the Futurity Champion.
3. Silver Anniversary and Doug Milholland win the NRHA Futurity.

It seems to me Doug Milholand never lost his focus.

…or how about this?

In the spring of 2006, a sorrel colt sired by Dual Rey out of Boon San Kitty is born on the Rockin W Ranch in Millsap, Texas. Alice Walton names the new baby "Rockin W" (the only time she named one of her colts after the ranch). For three years, as Rockin W grew up, the ranch funnels “Rockin W Ranch energy” through the sorrel stallion and plans for the 2009 National Cutting Horse Association Futurity.

In December of 2008, Tony Piggott starts working as resident trainer on the ranch ... and riding Rockin W, now a long two-year-old. Piggott continues the horse's training with the goal still the NCHA Futurity in December of 2009. Though the stallion's former trainer is given first chance to ride Rockin W at the Futurity, he turns the offer down. (Bet he's re-thinking that decision!) so Piggott shows Rockin W not only to the finals (first time ever for Piggot) but to the 2009 NCHA Futurity Championship!

Now Rockin W Ranch stands a NCHA Futurity stallion named Rockin W. Can it get any better?

…and closer to home…

A man is choosing a stallion for his mare. He searches the internet for stallions he likes. He finds several but he cannot make up his mind. Thinking about his options, mulling over the pros and cons of each, he goes for a walk up the mountain behind his property. Suddenly, he knows. He knows because, there in front of him, is the answer - wolf tracks! He is walking with wolves . . . and he books his mare to Walking With Wolves!
It's no accident that Silver Anniversary won the 25th Anniversary of the NRHA Futurity. It's probably not a fluke that Rockin W won the 2009 NCHA Futurity. And it's not coincidence that the mare owner was given a sign indicating the best stallion choice for his mare.
The logo for Wildwood Reining Horses is the combination of a horse and wolf. I named my two stallions Running With Wolves and Walking With Wolves. There's a reason for that. The wolf lives his life with integrity. He protects his own. He is gentle-hearted but not cowardly. Best of all, he is loyal. That's Positive Power.

"Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath. When the Wolf walks by you - you will remember." ~ Robert Ghost Wolf