Re-Aligning the Stars

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Way back in May 2010, my blog post was titled, "The Stars are Aligned". With great confidence, I listed the following upcoming 2011 events in my horse world:
  • The first of the sixth generation of "The Dynasty"(my name for the descendents of my good mare, Duchess) would arrive in 2011 - Wildwood Legacy Lace (great-great granddaughter of Duchess) was bred to Walking With Wolves
  • My best mare, Peppy Del Cielo, was carrying a Wimpy's Little Step foal to be born spring 2011.
  • Peppy Del Cielo's three sons, Running With Wolves, Wildwood Liberty and Walking With Wolves were all eligible to compete in reining Derbies in 2011 (a very rare situation) and it was my goal to make that happen.
  • Walking With Wolves was in reserve spot in a Saddle Series and could win the saddle in 2011.
  • Peppy Del Cielo's granddaughter, from the first crop of Running With Wolves' foals, would be three years old and eligbible for reining futurities.
And so, in 2011, Prima's three sons would compete against each other in a Derby (how cool is that!), her granddaughter would enter the reining pen for the first time and she would have a Wimpys Little Step foal at her side. And...Walking With Wolves, sire of the sixth generation of The Dynasty, could win the British Columbia Reining Association Saddle Series. As I stated in The Stars Are Aligned, 2011 was lining up to be a stellar year. Did I really believe ALL of these landmark events would bless my world? No, I didn't . . . but some small part of me believed they might. After all, it was my time . . .
What I would not have believed is that none of these hoped-for, planned-for events would come to pass! My stars, instead of aligning, had spiraled off in all directions - Legacy was not in foal; Prima lost her Wimpy foal; I would have had to travel to Alberta to realize my goal of all three of Prima's sons competing in a Derby since I do not own one of the colts, so it never happened;  I didn't have Sapphire far enough along to get her to a Futurity and Walking With Wolves completed the Saddle Series in second place. No sixth generation, no Wimpys Little Step foal, no futurity horse, no face-off of the Prima's three sons in a Derby and no saddle!

At the end of this not-so-stellar-year, I am re-grouping.

Running With Wolves
Wildwood Liberty
Walking With Wolves
I hope the stars are re-aligning for 2012. It's too late to see Prima's three boys compete against each other in a Derby since Wolf is over Derby age but they are all sound and healthy. Sapphire has missed her Futurity year but mentally and physically fit for future competitions. The Saddle Series is over and Little Wolf's eligiblity for the series is over as well but Legacy is in foal to him and, God willing, the sixth generation of the Wildwood Dynasty will have arrived. I'm not going to think any farther ahead than that. Maybe my stars will re-align for a fabulous 2012. I know I have lots to be thankful for either way. I'll let you know.

Happy New Year!


  1. Leslie

    One could say "and that's just the mystery and wonder of life, isn't it?" but boy, you really had a year of falling stars!

    From all I've heard, 2011 was a less-than-stellar year for a lot of us, and just a flat one for some. I hope that is just our collective energy taking a breather and coiling up to do some serious uplift this year!! I guess we have to take each thing as it comes - what other choice is there - but my wish for you Sharon is that the things that come for you this year light up your life and fill you with renewed energy, hope and love. Thanks for sharing your journey with your friends on this blog. Happy New Year to you and your crew from me and mine. xox

  1. Sharon

    Thanks, Leslie! I know 2011 was not a great year for you either but your fantastic attitude will carry you through to the other side with renewed strength. At least that is my wish for you!As for me, I've learned not to count on things so much....

    Have a fabulous 2012!