Honoring the Mothers

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Yesterday was Mother's Day. Mom has been gone for many years now and my children are far away, so I spent the day as any other - with my animals. I have only one new foal this year, but in my yard are many "mothers", mares who have had foals in other years. There is no miracle any better than the miracle of birth... unless it is the miracle of the instant bonding of mother and child. Without books or counciling or advice from their moms, the mares by instinct alone mother their babes. Here are some of my favourite photo moments in years past:

Wildwood Tamarac and her foal, Wildwood Destiny (1993)

Wildwood Destiny and her foal, Wildwood Magic Miss (2002)

Peppy Del Cielo and her foal, Running With Wolves (2005)

Peppy Del Cielo and her foal, Walking With Wolves (2007)

Wildwood Harmony and her foal, Wildwood Cactus

Isn't motherhood wonderful?